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Lake Titicaca Bolivia

  Copacabana & Sun Island

 Best known as the (Sacred Lake of the Incas) Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world (3.810 m.a.s.l.) and is shared between Perú and Bolivia, with total extension of 8.300 km2.

This is a mystical región flooded with traditions and relics, has been a ceremonial center since the pre-Hispanic cultures, and currently is a pilgrimage center.

Lake Titicaca & Sun Island 2 Days


Day1: La Paz - Copacabana:
We leave from La Paz in the morning  along the way you will observe imposing view of the Royal Andean Range as well as the Titicaca Lake. After three and a half hours, we arrive to this emblematic and spiritual center, once we arrive to this pleasant little town of Copacabana.  After lunch on board of a motor boat we?ll start sailing on the highest navigable lake in order to visit the south section of the sacred Sun Island. There are two main attractions: The Yumani area where we will find out the fountain of water which is supposed to grant eternal youth and Picocaina area, a mysterious Inca Ruin. After visiting this highlights we get back to Copacabana by the same motor boat Optional: You can spend the night of day 1 in the same Island of the Sun instead of Copacabana.

Day 2: Copacabana - La Paz:
An early start is recommended today, so we can profit the visit of (El Calvario) hill, on the way you will have several photo opportunities. Then we will visit the imposing cathedral that shows mudéjar influences in its design, with whitewashed stone walls and multiple domes decorated with deep blue tiles. This temple was originally build by the Augustinian order to house the miraculous Virgin de Copacabana, a beautiful image with a native Andean face, dressed in lavish robes embroidered with gold and silver thread and crowned with a golden halo. The massive gold altarpiece is also remarkable, decorated with silver leaves brought from the Potosi mines and also paintings from the 18th century of invaluable cost decorate the interiors of the church. Afterwards we will visit the colorful market and the souvenir street. After lunch we start our way back to La Paz at this point is also possible to continue towards Puno.


  • One night of hotel accommodation
  •  Professional English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees. Exclusive tourist transport.
  • Visit of the Sun Island by motor boat.
  •  Meals included (2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast).

Note: Ask share transport available.    

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