sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015



TIWANAKU The most important arquelogical site locate 72km from la Paz on a paved road .The Tiwanaku civilization habited the Altiplano between 1600 B.C. and A.C., existing even before the Inca civilization. They made important contributions in astronomy, math religion, treatment of metals and agriculture.
We pick you up from your hotel before 08:00 a.m. The trip last one hour and a half to arrive to Tiwanaku ruins. Along the trip you can see the high lands and snow mountains (Royal range). In this tour you visit the museum and the archeological site. This civilization settled in the shores of the highest lake of the world. It was an advanced and pre- Inca culture, it started around 1.500 b.c. until 1.200 a.c. In that time, they built temples, pyramids and semisubterranean temples. One of the most interesting thing to see is the beautiful Sun Gate (Puerta del Sol) and the right preserved Monolits, which represented its leaders.
Also, you can see advanced tools of metal, stones, acqueducts, and strange iconographs. This is just a part that you will discover of this non well known civilization.
Once the tour finishes you will have a lunch. Then  we will come back to La Paz.
  • Private  transport
  • Professional tour guide
  • Entrance fee national
  • Lunch